• 8.28.2018

    Why Low Code Platforms are Eating the Software World


    Digital transformation initiatives, ever rising ease of use expectations, and never-ending regulatory changes are increasing the pressure on IT organizations to design, develop, test, release, and maintain applications at a more rapid pace and with higher quality. Budgets remain tight. Software engineering talent is in short supply.

    A recent Forrester study of IT leaders found:

    • 39% of respondents were worried about the high cost of current software development strategies,


    • 33% reported it was hard to satisfy business needs within budget through classic coding approaches, and


    • Roughly a quarter of respondents felt existing development approaches made it hard to build applications that scale.
    This reality has given rise to low code platforms, a new class of software that speeds development and even allows business units to control their own solutions. The low code platform is a sort of Swiss Army Knife that can be used by almost anyone to meet many application needs.


    Configuration Not Coding

    With a low code platform, the focus is on configuration. The platform provides a series of tools to model business relationships, capture and report on data, and integrate the resultant application into the larger ecosystem.

    For many solutions, no coding is required. In situations involving very complex logic, coding is needed and often limited.

    Low code platforms are well suited for organizations that follow Agile development. With low code, the focus is on quickly delivering deployable business functionality on a secure and performant platform, not on endless meetings, paper deliverables that are out-of-date once published, and big bang high-risk go-lives.

    High Impact

    The market is taking notice. That same Forrester study reported that over 80% of those using low code platforms found they could deliver innovation, application improvements, and application changes faster than with traditional techniques.

    And, 86% of respondents indicated the low-code method helped them better meet system requirements.

    About RedMane

    RedMane provides software solutions and systems integration services that address complex, real-world challenges in human services, healthcare, and the commercial sector. We are a problem-solving company. Technology is just one of our tools. 

    mCase is one example of our innovation – and it is a world-class low code platform. We use it as the basis of our case management offering that supports clients large and small throughout North America. It works in the office and in the field, even without internet or cellular connectivity. And with its embedded analytics, you have insight to your business operations and outcomes. To learn more about how you can harness the power of the mCase low code platform for your application development needs, click here.