• 6.19.2018

    Three Ways to Get Your D-SNAP System Ready NOW for Hurricane Season

    Forecasters predict 2018 will have 14 named storms, six of which are expected to be hurricanes with two “majors” at a Category 3 or higher intensity. Last year’s hurricane season was the worst on record with $200 billion in damages and the countless lives impacted.

    Here are some steps you can take today to get ready before disaster strikes–regardless of whether the disaster is from a hurricane, wildfire or even a large-scale terrorist attack.

    D-SNAP Game Plan:

    1. Coordinate

    Conduct a tabletop exercise to walkthrough the operational steps necessary to get your D-SNAP system up, running, and processing applications and benefits. Engage program and IT staff, as well as local and county resources, as turnover is all too common and not everyone may know their responsibilities. Think big picture and consider all the functional, technical, logistical, and people considerations that will be necessary to get help to those who need it.

    2. Simulate

    Complement your conference room walkthrough by testing your D-SNAP system under real-world conditions. Develop comprehensive scenarios, test scripts and expected results. Execute your test using the procedures from your tabletop exercise. Use your existing training materials to educate staff–preferably ones not already familiar with the system–and then have those team members using the system so you can vet the training and the software together. Make the test real by using the actual forms and output associated with your system.

    3. Communicate

    Using the experience from coordination and simulation, think through the many stakeholders involved in D-SNAP and create a comprehensive communication strategy. Identify key messages for each stakeholder set, map the messages to events, and define the right communication vehicles to reach the stakeholders. Place particular attention on pre-disaster communication that may make dealing with the chaos of a disaster more manageable.

    About RedMane

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