• System Modernization That Retains Legacy Software, and More

    Kable Fulfillment Services, a division of Kable News Company, Inc., acquired a new subsidiary, and customer service representatives (CSRs) at each location were using different legacy applications to fulfill and update subscriptions. The inability to work with customer records from one screen—or even one system—created a slow and cumbersome process, and negatively impacted productivity and customer service. System integration was needed to provide faster, more efficient service without replacing complex legacy investments.

    RedMane designed, built and implemented Kable Customer Service System (KCSS), a centralized, web-based J2EE-compliant application that leverages existing systems and their complex business logic and interfaces. KCSS provides a single point of access for CSRs who process phone calls, mail and email. Web screens and logic interact in real-time with both core systems, and CSRs work with one web-based application that seamlessly integrates these components. In addition, we reengineered the application to accommodate the actual business flow and processing, instead of simply mimicking the flow of underlying legacy applications.

    Newsworthy results

    By quickly designing and implementing a 100% non-invasive solution that addressed business requirements, Kable was able to provide key functionality to CSRs in multiple locations. KCSS provides faster, more efficient customer service functions without the investment of replacing legacy systems. Plus, it accommodates new functionality that neither legacy system provided.