• Protecting Children and Helping Families

    Virginia child protection case workers were recording information on paper during home and field visits then transferring it to the Commonwealth’s legacy case management system. This was not only inefficient, it introduced the risk of losing sensitive information with the lag in the transcription process. Virginia needed a more modern, efficient and safer approach.

    To meet these goals, Virginia selected RedMane to provide and implement its mCase platform. RedMane’s highly flexible, powerful, and mobile cloud-based platform will enable child welfare caseworkers to enter and access data when they need it – whether they are in the office or the field. With mCase, caseworkers can put more focus on the needs and positive outcomes of their clients…and reduce time spent on administrative tasks. They will be able to meet with a family, assess the situation utilizing existing assessment tools, develop an appropriate plan, and have it agreed upon, printed, and signed in a single visit.

    “Equipping our workforce with industry leading tools is a major step in fulfilling that mission. Through our partnership with RedMane, the Commonwealth will take advantage of technological improvements that ensure staff have the needed information at their fingertips when working with those in need”, said Carl E. Ayers, Director of the Division of Family Services at the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS).

    RedMane’s work is part of the Commonwealth’s Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) Enterprise Mobile Software Solution project. That project is a key aspect of Virginia’s Comprehensive Permanency Assessment and Safety System (COMPASS) and follows Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s executive order directing the use of cloud technologies in the Commonwealth’s information technology services.

    Moving into the future

    Satisfied with our solutions, our clients are recommending RedMane’s mCase case management system to other governments, agencies and communities. RedMane continues to provide management and technical support to ensure that current and new policies in addition to new procedures are supported by technology.