• 4.4.2019

    State and Local Dignitaries and Officials Turn Out to Celebrate RedMane Technology LLC’s Missouri Office Grand Opening

    RedMane Technology LLC celebrated the grand opening of its 6000 square foot office in Jefferson City, Missouri with a ribbon cutting ceremony on April 3, 2019.

    Over 60 people, including several state and local dignitaries, turned out to help the firm celebrate the new office.  Carrie Turgin, the Mayor of Jefferson City, spoke at the event.

    Turgin says Jefferson City is happy to have the company, “On behalf of the City of Jefferson, we welcome RedMane Technology to the heart of the Capital City.  We are so glad to have them as part of the community and wish them much success.  We expect RedMane to have a strong impact on the local economy.”

    Besides participating and listening to speeches, attendees took part in tours and refreshments during the celebration.

    RedMane team members in the Jefferson City office are currently serving the State of Missouri after RedMane was awarded a contract to provide application maintenance and technology services for Missouri’s Medicaid Eligibility Determination and Enrollment System (MEDES). The new location helps RedMane team members more easily collaborate with state staff and provides the firm more space to work on projects as they arise.

    RedMane’s President, Tony Lakier, gave the keynote speech and stated: “We are pleased to open this office so we can work even closer with the State and help Missourians get the excellent service they deserve.”

    The MEDES solution supports over 800,000 Missourians receiving Medicaid and processes more than 10,000 Medicaid applications per month. Missouri’s Medicaid program is an important safety net for Missouri’s most vulnerable populations, providing health care and support for activities of daily living.

    About the State of Missouri Department of Social Services

    The State of Missouri’s Department of Social Service’s mission is to help individuals, families and communities to secure and sustain healthy, safe, and productive lives.

    About RedMane

    RedMane provides software solutions and systems integration services that address complex, real-world challenges in human services, healthcare, and the commercial sector. RedMane is a problem-solving company. Technology is just one of its tools.  To learn more about RedMane, visit redmane.com.