• Preventing Violence and Changing Lives

    Richmond’s Office of Neighborhood Safety (ONS) was administering its Gun Violence Prevention Program via spreadsheets. As the number of participants to track and the amount of data per person grew, it became impossible to keep up. Information was out of date. Reporting became a nightmare. Richmond needed a fresh approach.

    The ONS worked with RedMane to implement mCase, the modern case management system. mCase allows Neighborhood Change Agents (NCA), who administer the program, to easily manage the process, track results, and reward success. And, because mCase was born mobile, they can do it on a phone, tablet or laptop from anywhere…even when out of cellular or wireless range.

    Fully Tailored to Meet Exact Needs

    “This software is very easily configured to meet our specific requirements for data fields, workflow, reporting, and dashboards. We can also use it on mobile devices which helps our field staff collect data with ease,” says Neighborhood Change Agent, MyNesha Guerrero.

    NCAs, both in the office on desktops and on the streets with mobile devices, can keep all their records straight, quickly identify patterns, and automatically spot participants needing further intervention. And all the information is backed-up and safe in the cloud.