RedMane offers comprehensive business and technology services that solve complex, meaningful problems. We will work with you—closer and more collaboratively than you may have ever experienced before—to understand the full picture of your business. This deeper knowledge helps us create practical, actionable software. Although our services are listed separately, they often interconnect to build the right system.


      Early on, we’ll conduct a strategic business analysis to thoroughly understand your needs. We don’t just approach your situation from a technology perspective. We examine your opportunities and drivers.
      This process includes assembling everyone—from C-level executives to hands-on users—together in one room, often for the first time, for efficient and intensive discovery. Our expert problem-solvers listen closely, dig below surface “symptoms,” develop roadmaps, help shape business models and often uncover issues that haven’t been considered, to lead to an ideal software solution. Our insights are so thorough, we sometimes perform this as a standalone service.


      100% successfully. That’s how well our custom applications perform. They become the systems of record that our clients rely on, and they keep going, year after year. The state of Louisiana’s Medicaid eligibility system is a custom application that’s still in use after we built it more than 20 years ago.
      Our teams have extensive expertise building custom applications, and develop the most efficient and effective approaches to meet your needs. We’re obsessed with understanding our clients, good design, best practices, ease of use, performance, security and all the other “must haves” on your list, to help you transform your organization through specialized software.

    • Your business has made a heavy investment in legacy systems, and replacement isn’t always feasible, or necessary. At RedMane, we’re artisans at modernization, and we’re familiar with streamlining business processes using legacy technologies.
      Perhaps you need to expand or extend the life of your “green screen” system, add a new front-end, entry point, or web or mobile access. We’ll provide all the updates you need, without replacing the system, and using the business logic and intelligence that currently exist. We understand how everything fits together and how to move forward—even if you have no one to maintain it and no documentation.

    • Gone are the days of business leaders relying on gut instinct and intuition to solve problems. Business experts today use data to identify what happened, why it happened, and what is likely to happen. With the right data sources, proper integration, and well-architected analytic models, business leaders gain knowledge and insights that drive better decisions.
      RedMane helps organizations use analytics to improve service, reduce costs, and drive new revenue. Our experts help businesses collect, aggregate, visualize, predict, model, and manage their data to enable real insight.

    • RedMane provides the “glue” that helps systems seamlessly communicate. Experts in a broad spectrum of technology, our complete approach includes planning, architecture, design, development, testing and training.
      When integrations are too complex for others, we shine. For the state of Wyoming, we delivered ongoing support and enhancement of the Parental Obligation System for Support Enforcement (POSSE). We resolved current system problems, responded to changing legislative and policy requirements and made other significant enhancements, including providing additional integration for electronic wage withholding and National Medical Support Notices.

    • RedMane has a long, successful history working with a variety of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software, and we are the premier Cúram integrator in North America. In fact, our in-depth knowledge of COTS offerings and the human service sector inspired us to develop our own product—mCase. This unique, completely configurable cloud-based solution makes case management tasks faster and more efficient.
      While others merely implement COTS, we do it in a way that makes your solution work better. Our work for DSNAP (the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) in Louisiana became a leading implementation of a COTS system. We provided the design, development, testing and Cúram integration services to assist the state in implementing the country’s first income assistance pre-application program. A prime example of a COTS implementation “done right,” this system has allowed the state to dramatically improve responsiveness in a disaster.In addition, we rolled out a modern, ACA-compliant, high-performance, integrated benefits eligibility system for the U.S. Virgin Islands using IBM’s Cúram Social Program Management platform in just 20 months. Phase one included eligibility for traditional Medicaid and implementation of the MAGI-based determination of eligibility. Phase two will include the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Child Care Assistance, and the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

    • There are two aspects to systems maintenance. First, legacy systems that aren’t maintained will not function the way your business needs them to. We keep them running. Secondly, as your system ages, your business changes. We ensure that system functionality keeps pace with new legislation, government updates, organizational changes and other business requirements.
      Whatever system you have or support you need, we’ll keep it relevant so it continues to serve your business the way you need it to.