• Righting a Struggling Costly and Highly Visible Project 

    A midwestern state was grappling with how to put a struggling costly and highly visible project on a path to success. The user agency insisted things were getting better, but there were still hundreds of bugs, a backlog of work to address, and the risk things would get even worse during a fast-approaching peak processing period.

    The state CIO wondered if the underlying solution simply had to be scrapped and the project started anew with a different vendor and product. State IT staff had continually flagged irregularities, but it was unclear if their perspective was clear and complete. The vendor providing the software and services thought things were not that bad.

    Rapid Assessment and Best Practice-based Recommendations

    At the State’s request, RedMane performed an independent technical project assessment and provided a series of findings and recommendations to address the project’s most critical challenges. All state and vendor stakeholders were involved in the process.

    The work was performed quickly and with a very experienced team as time was of the essence. The assessment was time-boxed to get facts and proposed actions rapidly into the hands of state leaders. RedMane’s analysis covered everything from the application and the architecture to the operations and infrastructure.

    The recommendations were pragmatic, prioritized, and based on best practices. With the unbiased findings and actionable recommendations in-hand, the state was able to take the action it needed to get the project back on track.