• Restorative Justice Solution Improves Efficiency and Increases Engagement 

    Marin County wanted to reduce the manual effort required to administer its restorative justice program, while increasing participant engagement in these crucial victim offender dialogue sessions.

    The California county’s innovative program brings healing and reparation in the aftermath of crime.  It offers those affected by a crime an opportunity to speak, share their experience, and receive information and support in a safe environment.  It also allows those who have done wrong to accept responsibility and take steps to repair the harm. 

    More Efficient Process Allows Greater Focus on Outcomes

    To meet its dual objectives, Marin partnered with RedMane to implement the firm’s mCase Restorative Justice solution, part of RedMane’s mCase Community Supervision suite.

    With mCase, Marin is reducing the use of paper-based forms, eliminating manual scheduling, and automating correspondence and post session surveys. 

    The county is using mCase to streamline referrals, speed assessments, and automate program eligibility determination, thereby improving overall department efficiency. 

    The solution, which runs securely in the cloud, provides reports and dashboards so Marin can manage the overall process. 

    As a result of implementing mCase, Marin staff can focus more on preparing for and conducting these sensitive and important victim offender sessions, supporting participants, and producing meaningful outcomes.