• 5.29.2019

    Redmane Technology’s mCase Platform Selected for High Impact Minority Health Program 

    RedMane Technology LLC, a Chicago-based software solutions and systems integration firm, was selected to implement its mCase platform for the high impact “Let’s Be Clear” minority health program in the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area.

    Williams and Associates Inc., the organization managing and operating this urgent initiative, chose mCase for its mobile capabilities, flexibility to meet program requirements, and great value. 

    Williams and Associates engagement specialists will use mCase for participant intake, vulnerability assessments, mental and physical health service and program assignments, and to monitor and track an individual’s results during their 90 to 120-day participation period. 

    They will use mCase’s dashboards, reports, and analytics to obtain a full 360-degree client view, spot trends, and identify interventions.  Because mCase is cloud-based and meets key security requirements, program staff can focus on people and outcomes, not backups, infrastructure, or similar technical matters.

    mCase has both mobile and desktop capabilities, which means staff can meet participants where they are, or at one of Williams and Associates’ three locations in the area.

    Darius Rucker, Williams and Associates’ Director of Health Support Services, says mCase is a “game changer.”

    “We knew if we were going to have the greatest impact, we needed the best solution.  mCase is that solution.  The RedMane team has worked with us to understand our needs and mapped mCase’s capabilities to those needs.  It’s great to be at this point in the process.”

    Tony Lakier, RedMane’s president, says it’s a great feeling to lead a company that solves meaningful problems and works closely with people-focused clients like Williams and Associates.

    “It has always been our mission to help make a difference through our solutions.  Our work with Williams and Associates and the Let’s Be Clear program is another example of how we help make an impact in communities.” 

    About Williams and Associates

    Williams and Associates, Inc. is a community-based public health agency which addresses minority health equity. It is dedicated to the principle that all people deserve equal access to comprehensive, culturally competent health care regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, age, income, insurance status, rural or urban geographic location, sexual orientation, or any other barrier to reasonable healthcare. The organization has a 17-year history of providing public health services in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

    About RedMane Technology

    RedMane Technology LLC provides software solutions and systems integration services that address complex, real-world challenges.  RedMane’s human services expertise includes child welfare, child support, eligibility, and case management.  RedMane is a problem-solving company. Technology is just one of its tools. 

    mCase is RedMane’s modern, flexible, and powerful platform that easily supports any case management program, including those involving intake, assessment, eligibility, service planning, financial processing, and ongoing service delivery. It works in the office and in the field, even without Internet or cellular connectivity. And with its embedded analytics, organizations have insight to improve outcomes.

    To learn more about RedMane, visit www.redmane.com