• 6.16.2020

    RedMane Covid-19 Response

    This post addresses how we are assisting clients with their  Covid-19 response. Our staff are fully functioning in a remote environment. We are in close touch with all of our clients to provide them support. We’ll update this post periodically.

    Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment for a Midwest State – The RedMane project team made emergency modifications at the state’s direction to the state’s Cúram-based Medicaid and eligibility and enrollment system. These changes deferred recent and pending eligibility reductions and terminations to avoid adversely impacting citizens during the crisis.  

    Mobile Child Welfare for a Mid-Atlantic State – RedMane deployed special mCase enhancements to allow the state to continually share special health guidance and practices – such as a crucial home visit screening flowchart – with child protection case workers as they continue to serve families. Social workers now have the latest guidance directly in their mobile app.

    Senior Services for a Local Government – RedMane rapidly enhanced the city’s mCase case management system to allow immediate tracking of Covid-19 concerns and cases during the client screening process. With this feature, the city can provide the right support and services to those that are at-risk.

    First Nations Communities – RedMane has implemented support for caseworkers using mCase in many First Nations communities across Canada. They will now have easy access to critical Covid-19  information as well as the ability to identify families that require additional support related to Covid-19. This addition to mCase will help keep caseworkers and community members safe during this challenging time.

    Power and Water Utility – RedMane is helping a Texas-based utility identify, analyze, forecast, and manage the financial impact associated with Covid-19 disconnect suspensions and late-fee waivers. Through data analysis and reporting, RedMane is able to help the organization better navigate the crisis.

    Nationwide Wholesale Florist – RedMane is helping a nationwide wholesale florist accelerate it digital transformation to improve sales.  Through the use of warehouse cameras, the cloud, and web integration, buyers now have visibility to inventory.  Being able to see product helps buyers make more informed decisions and buy with confidence, which drives greater sales.
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