• 11.12.2019

    RedMane and NCCD Partner to Automate Child Welfare Assessments in Saskatchewan

    RedMane Technology and NCCD are pleased to announce the successful automation and certification of the Structured Decision Making® (SDM) decision-support assessments in RedMane’s mCase case management platform, the child welfare system used by organizations in Saskatchewan, Canada.

    Saskatchewan’s mCase implementations are the first to have the SDM® assessments fully automated and certified. RedMane’s team automated the assessments, while NCCD certified that the build conformed to the design and logic of the assessments, which were customized and jointly created by NCCD and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services, Child Protection Services.

    Certification by NCCD, a requirement of automation, ensures that the mCase SDM assessments function as designed and will work appropriately and helpfully for Saskatchewan child protection workers.

    To learn more about implementing SDM assessments or certification of SDM automations, contact the NCCD Children’s Research Center. To learn more about mCase click here.

    About NCCD and the Structured Decision Making® (SDM) Model

    NCCD, a nonprofit, promotes just and equitable social systems for individuals, families, and communities through research, public policy, and practice. Learn more at www.nccdglobal.org.

    NCCD’s Structured Decision Making® (SDM) model for child protection assists agencies and workers in meeting their goals to promote the ongoing safety and well-being of children. This evidence- and research-based system identifies the key points in the life of a child welfare case and uses structured assessments to improve the consistency and validity of each decision. The SDM model additionally includes clearly defined service standards, mechanisms for timely reassessments, and mechanisms for ensuring accountability and quality controls.

     About RedMane

    RedMane Technology provides software solutions and systems integration services that address complex, real-world challenges. RedMane’s human services expertise includes child welfare, child support, eligibility, and case management. RedMane is a problem-solving company. Technology is just one of its tools.

    mCase is RedMane’s modern, flexible, and powerful platform that easily supports any case management program, including those involving intake, assessment, eligibility, service planning, financial processing, and ongoing service delivery. It works in the office and in the field, even without Internet or cellular connectivity. And with its embedded analytics, organizations have insight to improve outcomes.