• 5.20.2020

    RedMane Technology Adds More Cúram Experienced Professionals

    RedMane is pleased to welcome three more outstanding Cúram experienced professionals to its human services practice.  Each brings an unwavering commitment to client success and a deep expertise with the IBM Cúram Social Program Management solution. 

    • Uma Guruswamy  – Uma has over 10 years of Cúram experience as a business analyst, application architect, and project leader from engagements in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.  She has played key roles in provincial implementations, statewide solutions, and national projects.  Uma is a Cúram Certified Developer (CCD) and an IBM Certified Associate Business Process Analyst IBM Cúram V6.0.5. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the Bangalore Institute of Technology.
    • Courtney White  – Courtney brings five years of Cúram experience as a business analyst, designer, and implementation specialist from TANF, SNAP, and Medicaid engagements throughout the United States.  His Cúram experience spans design and development to rollout and support.  Overall, Courtney has more than 20 years of technology experience serving clients in the public sector, financial services, and pharmaceuticals.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Indiana’s Ball State University.
    • Nigel Wong – Nigel has over 14 years of Cúram experience as a designer, developer, architect, and technical leader on projects throughout Canada.  An early member of Cúram Software, he has most recently has been a development and product manager for the Ontario government as part of its Cúram cloud migration and digital transformation efforts.  He is a Cúram Certified Developer (CCD), Cúram Certified Professional (CCP), AWS Certified Cloud practitioner, and Certified Enterprise Architect for Java.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Science / Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia.

    Uma, Courtney, and Nigel will support clients throughout North America.  They join a talented group of passionate professionals helping clients optimize their operations and deliver service excellence.

    Experience and Innovation

    Long recognized as a leader in the implementation of the IBM Cúram Social Program Management solution, RedMane is also an innovator with the platform.  RedMane staff were the first to implement a Cúram production solution in the cloud, as well as execute the first “born in the cloud” Cúram project.  RedMane was also the first firm to implement an enterprise-wide production mobile solution to caseworkers that integrated and extended the Cúram system.  That mobile solution even functions offline, allowing caseworkers to serve clients anywhere at the moment of need.

    About RedMane

    RedMane Technology provides software solutions and systems integration services that address complex, real-world challenges. RedMane’s human services expertise includes child welfare, child support, eligibility, and case management.  RedMane is a problem-solving company. Technology is just one of its tools.

    If you are interested in joining our team, reach out to us at careers@redmane.com or click here to directly apply to one of our openings.