• Mississippi Transforms with CCWIS to Protect Vulnerable Children and Families

    The mission of the Mississippi Department of Child Protective Services (MDCPS) is to promote child and family wellbeing, support foster care and adoption efforts, and protect vulnerable children and families. With a staff of over 1,700, the DCPS launched an innovative Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) project to transform how staff support and serve children, families, and caregivers.

    Better Outcomes with a Modern and Mobile System

    With the goal of improving outcomes by re-thinking processes and equipping staff with modern technology, MDCPS selected RedMane to configure and implement mCase for Child Welfare.

    mCase is a purpose-built and cloud-based case management system that is both modern and mobile friendly.  The implementation of mCase will reduce the Department’s reliance on paper, automate time-consuming manual tasks, and streamline work processes.  In doing so, it will help the Department address staffing gaps and reduce turnover.  Most importantly, MDCPS is using mCase for Child Welfare to enable better processes and practices.

    MDCPS and RedMane are working closely together to set up the new CCWIS solution to meet Mississippi’s exact needs.  The new system is expected to be fully implemented in 2024. 

    With this initiative, Mississippi will be a leader in aligning its child welfare and foster care system to the federal Families First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA). 

    For Mississippi, and other nationwide clients such as Arkansas and Virginia, RedMane continues to ensure a flexible, secure, and highly configurable child welfare solution.