• 9.2.2020

    Doing More with Less:  The Mobile Revolution

    Now more than ever, agencies need to revolutionize the way caseworkers work.  High worker turn-over and too many children in out-of-home placements are leading to exploding costs at a time when budgets are being squeezed. 

    Child welfare work is field work, yet too many caseworkers lack a solution that maximizes their impact to improve outcomes.  For many agencies, a modern CCWIS system is years away, at best.  Mobility is the answer.  RedMane’s mCase Child Welfare Mobile is the rapidly deployable, cost-effective route to reduce turnover, focus more on prevention, and start the modernization process.

    Improved Outcomes

    mCase Mobile enables caseworkers to collaborate with families.  Better collaboration and better decision-making leads to better outcomes, more children remaining with their parents safely, and caseworkers feeling supported to have excellent practice. The Commonwealth of Virginia recently implemented RedMane’s mCase Mobile to the delight of thousands of Virginia caseworkers.

    Stronger Compliance

    mCase Mobile supports caseworkers as they honor the stories of the families and children they serve through quality documentation and data collection. In jurisdictions using mCase Mobile, there has been an increase of the completeness of data and adherence to standards.  Information within the system is more comprehensive, improving compliance and making effective reporting and analytics possible.

    Less Cost 

    Mobile technology reduces the manual administrative burden on caseworkers.  With mCase Mobile, caseworkers can capture notes, pictures, and videos right in the application, as well as quickly and reliably perform assessments.  Embedded artificial intelligence surfaces hidden details on case participants and locations.  All the information is automatically shared with the legacy child welfare system.  No more paper and pencil, or rekeying of information.  mCase Mobile even works offline.

    Greater Satisfaction

    mCase mobility results in caseworkers being able to go home at the end of the day, knowing that the interactions and plans they have developed with the families are well documented and available to their colleagues after hours.  Feeling more secure in their work will fuel caseworker confidence, allowing caseworkers to build resilience, reduce burn-out, secondary trauma and lessen worker turnover.

    Learn more about mCase here or contact RedMane at solutions@redmane.com to talk about how we can help revolutionize the way your staff work.

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