• Unlike mere casework tools, mCase is the only solution designed around your unique needs, from the expert in case management software.

    mCase is a unique, completely configurable cloud-based solution that makes case management tasks faster and more efficient. It lets staff support their clients in the office and out in the field, using mobile devices and the web, while providing an easy-to-use and powerful case management solution. mCase supports all aspects of the case management life cycle, including intakes, assessments, service planning, outcomes measurement and eventually, closure.

    mCase is serious about privacy and security.

    mCase is SOC 2® Type 2 certified.  Regarded as the gold standard for data security, this certification demonstrates mCase meets rigorous criteria for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

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    Get an easy to use, comprehensive solution that gives you the tools you need to do your job, while reducing the amount of time you spend at your computer.
    Access robust reporting, analysis and dashboards to ensure process adherence and effective resource allocation.
    Fulfill your organization’s purpose, fuel better outcomes and make sure no detail is overlooked, while enhancing compliance, workflow and eligibility.
    IT Leaders
    Gain more flexibility and control, while integrating with your current infrastructure. Easily respond to changing business needs with a flexible and configurable solution that you can manage and control.
    The mCase low code/no code platform allows you to deal with a changing business environment. It speeds up app delivery by an order of magnitude and dramatically reduces development costs.


    Child Welfare
    Early Intervention
    Violence Prevention
    Child Support
    Senior and Aging

    Eligibility and Human Services

    Integrated Collaborative Care
    Housing Assistance
    Homeless Services
    Behavioral and Mental Health
    Developmental Disabilities
    Food, Cash, and Energy Assistance
    Medical Assistance and Waiver Programs
    Refugee Assistance

    Justice and Investigation

    Victim Assistance
    Juvenile Justice
    Legal/Litigation Management
    Fraud and Abuse
    Liability and Recovery

    mCase easily supports any case management program, including those that involve intake, assessment, eligibility, service planning, and/or ongoing service delivery.

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      Comprehensive View of the Client
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      Complete Mobile Solution
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      Customizable Assessment Tools
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      Engage with Clients in the Field
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      Safety and Security Functionality
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      Offline Accessibility
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      Powerful Reporting and Analytics
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      Highly Configurable

    Improving Outcomes for Children and Families

    Child welfare organizations from Virginia to Alberta are using mCase’s mobile capability to improve outcomes, increase caseworker satisfaction, and enable better decisions.

    Solutions to Support Child Welfare Programs for First Nations Agencies

    Indigenous communities were using outdated technology in providing child welfare and prevention services. They needed a modernized approach to handle their case management processes; they needed to document assessments, family involvement and have access to critical reporting. Agencies also had the desire to have a paperless system.

    Protecting Children and Helping Families with CCWIS

    Virginia child protection case workers were recording information on paper during home and field visits then transferring it to the Commonwealth’s legacy case management system.  This was not only inefficient, it introduced the risk of losing sensitive information with the lag in the transcription process.  Virginia needed a more modern, efficient and safer approach.

    Addressing Social Determinants of Health

    Minority members in the St. Louis LGBTQ community are faced with a series of real social and health issues, including lack of access to good jobs, an effective education, stable housing, quality health care, and a safe environment. 

    mCase in Action – Bottom 8-17-20

    Strengthening Native American Communities

    The Michigan-based Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi (NHBP) wanted to enhance their family support, juvenile justice, and adult protection programs to better serve their community.

    Coordinated Care for the Vulnerable

    The County of Milwaukee, with a population of almost one million people, wanted to transition to a person-centric, integrated, and values-based service delivery model to better serve clients and increase self-sufficiency. The current model was siloed. It was difficult for clients to navigate. Organizational structures and processes made it hard for caseworkers to identify, assemble, and manage the full set of services to fit a client’s needs.