• mCase Mobile Improves Outcomes in Virginia and Georgia

    Virginia was experiencing a 29% turnover rate for entry-level family services specialists, an alarming spike.  Georgia saw a similar situation brewing with its child welfare staff.  Both organizations recognized caseworkers were spending too much time on paperwork and fighting a hard to use legacy system.  Time that was better spent protecting children and strengthening families.  While the need was urgent, there was no budget for a full system replacement.

    Everyone Benefits with a Modern, Modular, and Mobile System

    To address these challenges, Virginia’s Department of Social Services (VDSS) and Georgia’s Department of Human Services (GA DHS) each partnered with RedMane to implement mCase Mobile for Child Welfare.  This modern and modular solution supplements each state’s legacy systems by enabling caseworkers to use mobile devices to support investigations and complete visits.  With mCase Mobile, staff securely capture person information, take notes and photographs, complete assessments, and fill out and sign electronic forms in homes, schools, and courtrooms.  All information is synched to each state’s legacy system, so there is no double data entry, no paper chase, and no lag in recording crucial information.  mCase Mobile even works without a cellular or Internet connection.

    Rapid Implementation Accelerates Benefits

    In less than a year, VDSS implemented mCase Mobile, integrated it with their 1990s legacy system, and rolled it out to over 5000 staff.  The results have been staggering: a 50% increase in same day recording of face-to-face contacts, a 30% increase in timely data entry, and a 27% increase in case note narrative length.  An independent study in Virginia reported that mCase Mobile users experienced time savings, an increase in efficiency, reduced documentation time, and greater job satisfaction all due to the solution.

    In Georgia, the speed of the mCase implementation set the bar for rapid enterprise technology innovation. Within 90 days, caseworkers in wave one counties were using mCase to view crucial information, capture interview notes, record sessions with video, and take pictures right from their phone, tablet, or laptop – even without Wi-Fi.   By the project’s one year anniversary, all Georiga counties are scheduled to be live on the new system.

    Both in Virginia and Georgia, mCase Mobile allowed frontline child welfare workers to focus their energy on family and child well-being, which resulted in less burnout,  increased efficiency and accuracy, and greater caseworker satisfaction.