• Interstate Coordination for Better Outcomes

    A western state needed to enhance its existing system to comply with the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA).  The goal was to improve collections across state lines for the 130,000 active cases that supported almost 200,000 children.

    The challenge was designing and implementing the significant changes required by UIFSA, without disruption to the existing solution.  The 200+ field changes across 30+ screens and several new database tables involved everything from the expanding the definition of a family to capturing new contact methods such as email addresses and mobile phone numbers.

    A Well-Orchestrated Approach Leads to a Success Result

    The RedMane team worked closely with state staff to identify the necessary changes, perform a thorough impact analysis, create detailed design material, and code and fully test the updates. 

    The result of more than 4,000 hours of effort and updates to 160 modules – programs, subprograms, data areas, and maps – was a system compliant with the mandated changes for the intergovernmental forms.  The team even updated system workflows so workers can efficiently navigate the screens to fill out the needed information and provide the ability to print the correct forms.