• Integrated System for SNAP Youth Justice Program

    The Child Development Institute (CDI) in Toronto needed a system that was platform-agnostic, simple to set up and configurable to their unique needs. They needed a modern, integrated and stable technology solution to deliver the SNAP Youth Justice program.

    To accomplish these goals, RedMane designed and delivered a modern integrated system for the SNAP Youth Justice program. The solution included two main components: an app framework including content delivery, security, connectivity and data storage, and a case management toolkit that enabled seamless data collection and access.

    Partnering with the CDI, RedMane created culture-sensitive Indigenous and non-Indigenous scenarios for the apps, ensuring ownership and end-user familiarity. Using Microsoft Azure for cloud-based storage and a Raspberry Pi for a private Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), the solution was tailored to overcome the challenge of no internet connectivity at centers. This technique enabled seamless data transfer and storage.

    Noteworthy results

    Impressed with our user-centered delivery process and faster turnarounds, CDI had asked us to implement a case management solution that would integrate with the SNAP Youth Justice program. RedMane implemented mCase and provided improved outcomes for the program.