• An Integrated System for COBRA Admin Billing and Arrears

    HM Insurance Group needed to simplify its entire COBRA admin billing and arrears process, and house receivables in a single location. Existing processes and activities were manual and inefficient, and didn’t integrate with HMIG’s COBRA legacy system. RedMane designed, developed and produced an integrated system that met numerous criteria.

    Our solution integrates with the business’s COBRA legacy system, and automatically generates receivables as part of the COBRA admin billing process. It accommodates all types of COBRA admin billing, integrates with CINCOM to automatically generate arrears letters and Crystal Reports Enterprise to meet the reporting needs of COBRA, Billing and Finance departments. Additionally, it feeds HM’s general ledger system with summarized data on a monthly basis, and provides online, real-time information required by each department.

    Completed on-time and on-budget

    Today, HMIG has a centralized, streamlined COBRA admin billing system that replaces much of the manual effort that was previously required. RedMane’s solution also integrates with HMIG’s COBRA legacy system, as well as financial, letter generation and reporting applications to better serve its business and customers.