• Indigenous Communities Improve Service Delivery with mCase

    Indigenous communities were using outdated technology in providing child welfare and prevention services. They needed a modernized approach to handle their case management processes, enabling them to document assessments, family involvement and have access to critical reporting. Agencies also had the desire to have a paperless system.

    To meet these goals, RedMane worked collaboratively with each community to design and develop mCase to address their most complex, challenging requirements. The projects were completed on-time with improved outcomes for child protection, prevention services, provider management, programming and activities and cultural plans. 

    Partnering with the Indigenous communities such as QBOW Child and Family Services, Wahkotowin Child and Family Services, and Keyanow Child and Family Centre, RedMane has developed solutions that made these agencies stronger and successful. The projects were implemented efficiently and supported these communities to modernize their practice while providing management and development services and ensuring that agencies meet federal and statutory requirements.

    Moving into the future

    Satisfied with our solutions, our clients are recommending RedMane’s mCase case management system to other communities, agencies and provinces. RedMane continues to provide management and technical support to ensure that current and new policies in addition to new procedures are supported by technology.