• Increasing Payments Through Innovative Parent Engagement

    A midwestern state launched an innovative program to increase child support payments by providing non-custodial parents with job search, legal, and parenting assistance.  The program helps break the cycle of poverty by educating and preparing almost 1,000 fathers to become responsible parents.

    However, the state needed a case management system to support the program, as engagement managers were saddled with using spreadsheets to track thousands of client interactions and services delivered.  Compounding matters, the spreadsheets made it difficult to monitor client progress, tailor interventions, and assess overall program effectiveness.

    A Focus on Engagement Not Administration

    RedMane helped the state implement mCase, the modern and mobile case management system.  With mCase, engagement managers can support their clients in a fast, easy-to-use, and flexible manner. 

    Rather than having to navigate through multiple months of spreadsheets to enroll a new client or record an interaction, engagement managers can immediately take action without having to open multiple documents or wade through multiple tabs.

    Automated correspondence, reminders and notifications, and workflow make program management and client follow-up a breeze. 

    Greater Visibility Leads to Better Outcomes

    Dashboards on each manager’s home page show assigned cases, as well as a snapshot of client program participation and activity. 

    Supervisor and executive dashboards give leadership immediate visibility into progress and program effectiveness.

    With mCase, engagement managers can quickly identify programs that are helping parents interact with their children and live productive lives, while identifying clients that are struggling and would benefit from a meeting or a change of service.  The result is more time spent helping clients and improving outcomes.