• Improving Service to Veterans

    Veterans affairs organizations from multiple states wanted to speed housing, financial assistance and other benefits to veterans in need, while streamlining internal operations.  Their processes were manually intensive, paper-based, and involved manual calculations and spreadsheets. 

    These organizations envisioned an environment where all veteran information would be stored in a single system, with automated benefit calculations and support for notifications, correspondence, and case notes.  An environment where caseworkers could focus on veteran assistance, not time-consuming work steps.

    Serving Those Who Served

    RedMane worked with these veterans affairs organizations to implement mCase, the modern and mobile case management system, to achieve these goals.  With RedMane’s mCase, caseworkers now efficiently perform intakes and benefit assessments, effortlessly manage ongoing cases, and immediately get access to information via dashboards and reports.

    As mCase is accessible from desktops, phones, and tablets, staff are productive everywhere.  Because mCase is cloud-based, these organizations know their data is backed-up, secured to industry standards, and readily available. 

    These veterans affairs organizations have modernized their processes and workflows to better serve those who served.  In doing so, they are helping veterans get the critical assistance they need that much sooner.