•  Improving Performance for Child Support Agencies

    What are Performance Measures?

    Performance measures are a tool to help you collect, analyze, and report on program data.  Key performance indicators (KPI) are used to quantitatively measure your operations.  They allow the you to set organizational goals, monitor your performance, and help in finding ways to improve. 

    RedMane implemented our Performance Measure solution with both Louisiana and Wyoming Child Support Agencies. It provides the state teams the ability to drill down on performance criteria to different levels in the organization and allows for tracking that productivity.

    Performance Measures and the OCSE 157

    We can utilize the OCSE 157 KPI to set goals at multiple levels within your program (agency, office, county, case worker).  You can increase the frequency to monitor your agency’s progress using these performance indicators and create point-in-time snapshots of all relevant data attributes into an audit database. Reduce the time required to generate the OCSE 157 and use it implementing improvement strategies linked to federal incentives with the help of our solution.

     How can RedMane Help You?

    We can tailor a solution for your performance measure needs. We will meet with your team to discuss your situation and propose a solution to address your specific program concerns. Our analytic solution can help you navigate your data and provide basic reporting as well as customizable dashboards to measure your KPI at the agency, region, office, or even by specific employee level.

    To learn more about how RedMane can create a Performance Measure solution for your business needs, contact  us at Sales@RedMane.com