• Improving Outcomes for Children and Families

    More Time Strengthening Families 

    Caseworkers love mCase because it allows them to do what they do best. It frees valuable time that they can use to strengthen families and look after the best interests of children. Agencies love it because it increases staff satisfaction, thereby reducing turnover and all the costs and disruption turnover brings with it.

    With mCase, staff capture notes, pictures and other critical information in real time to a mobile device. All the data is immediately added to the case on the system of record. No more taking notes with a paper and pen, trying to decipher handwriting a day or two later, and then laboriously keying the information when often important details and nuances are forgotten. mCase allows more contacts to be captured within 24 hours of discovery and narrative lengths to increase.

    Staff can perform critical assessments, service plans and other activities right from their phone or tablet in the field with mCase. Now, better decisions can be made on the spot. Information is all available immediately for supervisors to support and guide decisions and on- call workers to access after-hours to help with critical safety decisions. Information is available about family and community supports; often preventing children from coming into care.

    High Secure, Easy Legacy Integration, and Offline Access 

    mCase is highly secure. It runs on Azure, the cloud of choice for the most sensitive of data. And RedMane has achieved SOC2 Type II certification, attesting to the rigorous controls and checks the organization has in place to protect client data.

    mCase is based on an open architecture. It easily integrates with legacy systems. mCase even works offline, when no cellular or internet access is available. This allows caseworkers to be fully productive even in areas without coverage, such as in an apartment complex, school, or rural area. Once mCase is back in range, the data automatically synchronizes with the legacy system.

    Rapid Implementation and Immediate Benefit 

    mCase’s mobile component can quickly be implemented in even large agencies. Because it provides immediate positive impact on outcomes, staff satisfaction, and decision making, it’s a smart choice for budget conscious agencies and a great first step as part of an incremental system modernization.