• Housing Starts the Transformation

    The County of Milwaukee, with a population of almost one million people, is transitioning to a person-centric, integrated, and needs-based service delivery model to better serve clients and increase self-sufficiency.

    The first phase of the new MKECares solution – housing – is live and already showing great results. County staff are using RedMane’s mCase platform to rapidly manage enrollment and service delivery across over 15 housing programs.

    Modern Approach

    The County is moving away from its siloed organizational structures, manual processes, and outdated technology that have made it difficult for staff to identify, assemble, and manage the full set of services to fit a client’s needs.

    The County is implementing a new approach and a new system. RedMane is helping the County design and implement a coordinated care strategy with mCase as the enabling technology. The new model allows staff to perform everything from screening and assessment to eligibility and service delivery in a common system with the client at the center. Clients will be treated holistically and get all their needs met across housing, disability services, aging, behavioral health, delinquency, and other crucial program areas.

    Housing: Increasing Access and Reducing Barriers

    The first phase focused on housing, an urgent need during these unprecedented times.

    With mCase, staff now easily process enrollment and deliver benefits to residents that need safe and affordable housing, are behind on rent, face eviction, or are experiencing short-term difficulty paying their mortgage.

    The solution supports Section 8, transitional and permanent housing, emergency assistance, and home repair, among other programs. With MKECares, the County can more easily partner with community advocates on special initiatives. The solution manages leases, handles recertifications, generates proactive notifications, tracks inspections, processes referrals, and integrates with the County’s homeless management system ServicePoint.

    Realizing the Vision

    The MKECares implementation is being phased in to smooth adoption, quickly address the most critical areas, and foster continuous improvement. Clients will ultimately have one care plan that addresses their physical, mental, emotion, and social aspects of care. And, the County will have a modern technology solution that easily accommodates policy and program changes. With mCase, the County is increasing access and reducing barriers to improve outcomes.