• Home Care Management Solution Reduces Costs and Improves Care

    A home care software company needed to enhance its product suite significantly.  The situation was urgent.  A large, national provider was a new marquee customer.  It had pressing business requirements the software could not meet.  Because all product development resources were at capacity on planned roadmap work, the software company needed help. 

    RedMane designed and developed software enhancements that improved the scheduling of caregivers, which increases patient satisfaction, reduces employee turnover, and favorably impacts the provider’s bottom line.  Integration RedMane developed from the product suite to a leading financial application reduces manual, inefficient, and error-prone processes for invoices and payroll.  And, the rules-driven logic RedMane created allows every provider to tailor the software to its unique business needs.

    The approach was one of partnership.  The software company’s product development staff was able to stay on task, while RedMane provided healthcare domain and technical expertise to meet the time-critical requirements.  And, the provider benefited from a solution that allowed it to focus on patient care delivery, not mountains of paperwork and costly workarounds.