• Helping Alaska Expand its Integrated Eligibility System

    Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) wants to enhance its statewide eligibility system to better focus on whole person care by leveraging evidence-based, data-driven practices and care models.  

    The system, with over 400 internal users, currently issues MAGI Medicaid for over 200,000 Alaskans.  DHSS’ vision is to better achieve whole person care by expanding the system to support all existing public assistance programs, including non-MAGI Medicaid, TANF, SNAP, and LIHEAP.

    Collaborating for Success

    DHSS engaged RedMane to help make the vision a reality. 

    The Alaska Integrated Eligibility Services (ARIES) System Support Contract work involves RedMane partnering with Alaska technical and business staff to ensure the eligibility system is properly performing, meeting security requirements, compliant with governmental regulations, and enhanced to address the state priority of an a fully integrated solution. 

    RedMane is providing expertise to Alaska across cloud, agile, eligibility, project management, development, business analysis, user experience, security, and system administration, among other areas in support of this effort.