• Healthcare Organization Improves Service Through Modernization

    A healthcare accrediting organization needed to streamline its clinical inspection process to stay competitive. Its legacy system – mired in technical debt, comprised of multiple components, and tightly woven into the existing environment – was standing in the way.

    Working in close collaboration with the organization’s functional and technical staff, RedMane objectively analyzed the situation, identified options, and helped fashion a way forward. RedMane’s initial work involved requirements refinement, system design, and architecture definition.

    Implementation is the next step. The work will involve design, development, integration, testing, and project management.

    Meeting Pressing Business Needs

    The system enhancements, along with upgrades to third party components, will allow the organization to address pressing needs, improve service, and operate within budget realities. And it is being done with an eye toward the future. It’s a win for inspectors, the organizations they inspect, and the organization’s functional and technical staff.