• A Health Insurance Premium Payment Application that Benefits Everyone

    The state of Louisiana needed a system to manage health insurance premium payments for its Department of Health (DOH). The goal of this system was to provide health insurance premium reimbursements for Medicaid-eligible people and their families who have employee-sponsored coverage, when it was more cost-effective for the state than providing them with regular Medicaid coverage. RedMane created the Louisiana Health Insurance Premium Payment (LaHIPP) application to address this need.

    RedMane had full responsibility for every aspect of the project, including requirements, definition, business design, technical design, programming, testing, training, implementation, warranty and project management. We served as the prime vendor on parts of this project, and subcontracted this role to Unisys as needed. In just 23 months, we developed the LaHIPP system using Microsoft VB.NET, RedMane’s .NET generator to accelerate development, SQL Server and Microsoft Visio.

    Better for the state and for Medicaid recipients

    RedMane’s LaHIPP program helps eligible Medicaid recipients get health insurance, or keep the policy they already have, by reimbursing them for the cost of their premium each month. Equally important, it helps the state of Louisiana save by shifting some of the costs for care to private insurance plans.