• Florida Uses mCase to Better Protect Vulnerable Adults

    Florida’s adult protection investigators were buried in manual tasks, still using paper forms, and fighting a system optimized for child – not adult – protection.  With over 40,000 annual investigations of abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults, staff need a solution that allowed them to be effective in homes, facilities, and hospitals, as well as in the office. 

    Florida’s leadership recognized the need.  They envisioned a modern and open system that could easily interface with a myriad of partners, while rapidly accommodating new policies, regulations, and procedural.

    An Integrated Cloud and Mobile Solution for Adult Protective Services

    Florida’s Department of Children and Families (DCF) selected RedMane’s mCase platform to power the modernization of the Adult Protective Services’ (APS) systems and operations. 

    Once the short 12-month project completes, more than 500 investigators and supervisors will have a solution fully tailored to Florida APS practices, policies, and procedures.  It will enable them to complete assessments and forms online, capture electronic signatures, securely share information with external parties, and take pictures and have them automatically added to a case.  The mobile solution even works offline, so staff can be productive in locations with no cellular or Internet connectivity.

    Once the rollout for investigators is complete, Florida will enhance the solution to fully support Home and Community Based Services (HCBS).  Having investigations and ongoing service support in an integrated system will improve client outcomes.  APS staff will have a full view of a client’s needs and be able to arrange and deliver services to fully meet those needs.