• 9.22.2020

    Improving Social Worker Decision Making 

    Social workers rely heavily on professional judgement when determining a course of action.  Too often though, they must make time-critical decisions regarding safety with only limited data.  Or, they have raw data available, but not in a form that helps their understanding or gives them much needed context for a given situation.

    Better Decisions

    Fortunately, new ways of immediately surfacing and presenting information to social workers can dramatically improve decision making for families.   And they are available in mCase Child Welfare Mobile

    Now, better decisions can happen where and when it matters most – in the community and at the moment of need.

    360 Viewer

    Imagine being able to graphically view any case participant and their relationships with other participants, cases, and even events. Then, imagine with the touch of a finger a worker can drill down to get more information, or refocus the view so that who or what you selected is now at the center and they see its relationships.

    mCase’s 360 Viewer brings this concept to life.  It makes it easy to spot case participants who may pose a threat to a child’s safety and see how those participants relate to the child and the others in the case, or even other cases.  It unlocks the power of information to enable better decision making for a child’s well-being.

    Modern Genograms and Assessments

    Genograms and assessments, long powerful instruments to support social worker decision making, historically have not been fully utilized because they had to be completed manually.  Or, if automation was present, it involved separate systems that required additional data entry, another set of login credentials, and an overall hassle in time and effort.

    With mCase Mobile, the hassle is gone and the value of genograms and assessments can be fully realized by workers, supervisors, and the judicial system.  With just a tablet or phone, caseworkers can generate a genogram or perform an assessment in the palm of their hand.

    As mCase Mobile fully integrates with legacy systems, genograms automatically render based on case data.  Assessments are a breeze as there is no re-keying and results are stored directly on the case.

    The result is better insight, which informs better social worker decisions.


    Improving child and family outcomes starts with improving decision making.  With mCase Mobile, social workers have the tools they need to surface hidden information, better understand the complexities of their cases, and view case relationships in context.  This gives them the information they need to make better decisions.

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