• Data-Driven Insight Improves Business Decisions

    A fast-growing wholesaler with a global supply chain and penchant for acquisitions wanted to increase sales and maximize margins.

    They offered many promotions, had numerous marketing campaigns, and used multiple sales channels. It was unclear what worked and what fell flat…and why. They needed facts to guide their sales, marketing, and inventory investment decisions.

    The RedMane team met with stakeholders to identify their true needs, designed a solution to deliver timely information, facilitated a software selection process, and are implementing a data warehouse and series of dashboards that will provide true business insight.

    The work involves harnessing transactional data from multiple systems, transforming and cleansing it, and presenting it in a way that is easy for users to access and understand.

    Analytics and dashboards will help company to grow the top line and maximize the bottom line.

    The project engaged multiple stakeholders, including the leaders from sales, finance, operations, and technology. With a clear focus, objective advice, and the right partner, the organization is on a path to use data to make fact-based decisions to profitably take its business to the next level.