• 02.04.2021

    County of Marin California Probation Department Selects RedMane for Innovative Adult Offender Work Program (AOWP) Solution

    RedMane Technology LLC, a Chicago-based software solutions and systems integration firm, was selected to implement its cloud-based Adult Offender Work Program (AOWP) solution for the County of Marin Probation Department.

    The AOWP solution, part of RedMane’s mCase Community Supervision suite, uses modern web and mobile technology to connect AOWP clients with worksite providers.  It will streamline operations and improve outcomes by lowering the number of client visits to AOWP offices, reducing the use of paper-based forms, and helping clients find providers and meet their obligations. 

    Marlon Washington, Chief Probation Officer for Marin County, says the solution will have a positive impact, “The development of an online administrative platform for AOWP is a key strategy to meet the demand to find alternatives to traditional and expensive jail custody days for low-risk clients sentenced for misdemeanor offenses.” 

    The solution will reduce the time probation staff spend administering the program, while providing increased support to clients as they complete their requirements. Electronic work rosters and the elimination of manual time sheets will decrease the effort providers put toward managing clients.

    The solution runs securely in the cloud and can easily be integrated with county, state, and third-party systems. 

    Samantha Klein, Administrative Services Director for Marin County Probation Department, says RedMane was the right partner and mCase Community Supervision the right solution to help the department transform the AOWP.

    “Seeking an end to paper-heavy, staff intensive processes that did not support our clients, we set out to find a way to move into the future.  After several talks with potential development partners, it became clear that RedMane understood our vision and had the capabilities and passion to take on the project.” 

    Tony Lakier, RedMane’s president, says the Marin County project aligns with RedMane’s mission to solve meaningful problems.

    “RedMane has always strived to make a difference through our solutions.  We applaud the County of Marin Probation Department for its forward thinking and innovative use of technology to make a difference in the community.” 

    About County of Marin Probation Department

    The County of Marin Probation Department offers an array of mandated and optional services for the Court, adult and youthful offenders, victims of crime, and the diverse communities of Marin. The Department prides itself on offering a balance between public safety, offender accountability, rehabilitative services, and restorative practices.


    About RedMane

    RedMane Technology LLC provides software solutions and systems integration services that address complex, real-world challenges. RedMane’s expertise includes justice and public safety, child welfare, child support, eligibility, and case management. RedMane is a problem-solving company. Technology is just one of its tools.                     

    mCase is RedMane’s modern, flexible, and powerful platform that easily supports any case management program, including those involving intake, assessment, eligibility, service planning, financial processing, and ongoing service delivery. It works in the office and in the community, even without Internet or cellular connectivity. And with its embedded analytics, organizations have insight to improve outcomes.


    To learn more about RedMane, visit us at: www.redmane.com.