• Improving Child Support Services

    Cumbersome business processes; a lack of reliable data and timely reports to inform decision making; and missed opportunities to improve outcomes through integration and data matching.  Hawaii, Louisiana, and the U.S. Virgin Islands all shared these too common challenges with their existing child support systems.

    Enhancements drive results

    With help from RedMane, all three states are streamlining operations, enhancing service, and increasing collections.

    • RedMane helped Louisiana implement new workflows, innovative call center features, and more robust New Hire and Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM) interfaces. The result was improved service and better financial processing.
    • In Hawaii, RedMane integrated Federal Insurance Match (FIM) and automated Income Withholding to support interception and collection of one-time lump sum payments. We also modernized the recoupment of overpayments to eliminate the need for spreadsheets and manual record keeping.
    • In the United States Virgin Islands, RedMane worked with the Paternity Child Support Division to implement a resilient child support infrastructure. The improvements will reduce downtime and enable the Division to more quickly recover from catastrophic events, such as hurricanes.

    RedMane continues to serve these clients by maintaining and enhancing their systems.  Our work spans from implementing legislative and policy changes to building new capabilities to achieve better outcomes.  These three clients are just a few of the many child support services organizations we’ve helped over the years.

    With an eye toward the future, we’ve also been at work creating a next generation child support system.  With our mCase for Child Support Solution, organizations can modernize and achieve immediate benefits with a modular approach, all without wholescale disruption or extended timeframes.  mCase brings together the best of Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS), the cloud, and embedded analytics to provide a solution fully tailored to your environment and processes, all without the challenges, extended timeframes, and rigidity of systems available today.