• Coordinated Care for Better Outcomes

    The County of Milwaukee, with a population of almost one million people, wanted to transition to a person-centric, integrated, and values-based service delivery model to better serve clients and increase client self-sufficiency.

    The current model was siloed. It was difficult for clients to navigate. Organizational structures and processes made it hard for caseworkers to identify, assemble, and manage the full set of services to fit a client’s needs. And, existing technology was a primary barrier to achieving the County’s vision of affirming, effective, and holistic care based on personal choice and strengths, whenever and wherever a client needed it.
    The County required a new approach and a new system.

    RedMane is helping the County design and implement a coordinated care strategy.  The new service delivery model will allow caseworkers to perform everything from screening and assessment to eligibility and service delivery in a common system with the client at the center. Clients will be treated as a whole person and get all their needs met across housing, disability services, aging, behavioral health, delinquency, and other crucial program areas.

    Increasing Access and Reducing Barriers

    The implementation is being phased in to smooth adoption, quickly address the most critical areas, and foster continuous improvement. Clients will ultimately have one treatment plan that addresses their physical, mental, emotion, and social aspects of care. And, the County will have a modern technology solution that easily accommodates policy and program changes. With mCase, the County is increasing access and reducing barriers to improve outcomes.