•  Child Support Analytics: RedMane’s mPerfomance

    Interested in a data reporting and analytics solution to support your agency personnel and executive leadership?  Ready to try a new cloud-based approach, including a data warehouse or data lake, that has reporting and dashboard capability?  Take a look at mPerformance. 

    Meeting Pressing Business Needs

    RedMane can supply a big data analytics platform to drive your organizational reporting needs.  We can help design, evaluate, and implement your analytics solution. mPerformance provides executive and operational dashboards that are dynamic, automated, utilizing both predictive and prescriptive analytics.  We can also integrate machine learning models to improve your organizational performance as well as improve prescribed OCSE 157 metrics.

    Our Solution for You?

    We will meet with your team to discuss your situation and propose a solution geared toward your specific needs. From something as simple as creating reports, to a more comprehensive customizable dashboard to view your operational data for the agency, region, office, or even by specific employee; RedMane can tailor the solution, to satisfy your current and future information objectives.

    To learn more about how RedMane can create a mPerformance solution to meet your business needs, 

    contact us at Sales@RedMane.com