• CCWIS in Arkansas and Mississippi Improves Outcomes

    Arkansas and Mississippi recognized their existing child welfare process were too paper-based and manually intensive tasks.  Their legacy systems were difficult to learn and use, expensive to maintain, and hard to quickly modify to support changing practices, policies, and regulations.  Staff spent too much time reacting and not enough on prevention because they lacked critical family insights.

    Improving Outcomes with a Modern and Mobile CCWIS Solution

    Both states realized they could better protect children, strengthen families, and reduce employee turnover by implementing a modern and mobile solution for child welfare.  With that in mind, Arkansas and Mississippi each selected RedMane’s mCase Child Welfare solution as their Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS). 

    mCase’s configurable out-of-the-box child welfare functionality, coupled with the product’s no code – low code foundation, provides each state with an end-to-end solution completely tailored to their unique needs.  As mCase is cloud native and fully mobile, staff can efficiently perform child welfare work in the office and in the community, such as in a client’s home, in a school, or in court.  The mCase mobile solution even works when there is no cellular or Wi-Fi connection, so caseworkers are fully productive everywhere.    mCase’s purpose-built, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and non-proprietary .NET platform makes it easy to integrate with other systems, share data, and give caseworkers a complete picture of a family.

    Arkansas is following a phased implementation approach, where intake goes live first and the remaining functionality follows a few months later.  Mississippi is using a singular cutover approach so that all functionality for all users goes live at once.