• Addressing Social Determinants of Health 

    Minority members in the St. Louis LGBTQ community are faced with a series of real social and health issues, including lack of access to good jobs, an effective education, stable housing, quality health care, and a safe environment. 

    With an overall goal of helping to address these social determinants of health, and a specific focus on helping community members improve their daily lives to reduce the risk for HIV and other STIs, a local non-profit launched the “Let’s Be Clear” program. 

    Funded by a federal grant, Williams and Associates provides support groups, substance abuse treatment, mental health counseling, and housing and employment assistance to program participants. 

    To help administer and manage the program, they turned to RedMane’s mCase cloud-based case management system.  With mCase, engagement specialists can easily perform intakes and assessments, track follow-up actions and results, manage communication, and report on status and outcomes. 

    Fully Tailored to Reach and Retain Participants and Manage the Program

    “It has made work overall easier in being more holistic in our approaches and not just tapping in to people, running in, getting tested, but in the Let’s Be Clear program, we’re like bringing them in, we’re testing them, treating them, referring them and it’s all housed in that one space, on mCase.  mCase is really easy to use, and I learned it really quickly,” says engagement specialist, Tyrell Manning.

    Engagement specialists, at any location and even in the field, can keep all their records straight, quickly identify patterns, and automatically spot participants needing further intervention. And all the information is backed-up and safe in the cloud.