• 02.18.2021

    A Network of Women’s Shelters Selects RedMane Technology’s mCase Platform to Better Protect and Serve Clients

    VANCOUVER, BC –Four Women’s Shelters joined forces and selected RedMane Technology to help them better manage shelter operations, organize client services, and support outreach efforts.

    Collectively known as “‘Sister Shelters of Saskatchewan,” the network consists of four shelter locations in the Province. RedMane will implement its mCase platform, a cloud based, secure and mobile software solution to enable shelter staff to more efficiently help the women they serve overcome their intersecting challenges of violence, abuse, poverty, mental health, and addiction.

    Karen Sanderson, Nola Mahingen, Frances Montgrand and Melissa Vandale, Saskatchewan Women’s Shelters Executive Directors say, “mCase is helping us respond to a growing need in our community. Each year, an overwhelming number of Indigenous women and girls fall victim to physical, sexual, and emotional violence. Many women go missing or are found murdered. We are hoping that with the right resources, and tools like mCase, we can make a difference.”  

    Shelter staff will use mCase for everything from shelter services, case planning, intakes, outreach services, second stage housing, and cultural plans to contact logs, appointments, and reminders.  mCase’s reports and dashboards will allow for progress tracking and better allocation of resources to where they are needed most.

    Tony Lakier, RedMane’s president, says the project aligns with RedMane’s mission to solve meaningful problems.

    “We are proud to support these four First Nation shelters in making a positive impact in the lives of so many people.  With mCase, shelter staff will have the right information and insight at their fingertips.  They can spend more time on clients and less on administration and management.”

    About Saskatchewan Sister Shelters

    Saskatchewan Women’s Shelters is a collaboration between four shelters: The Meadow Lake Tribal Council’s Waskoosis Safe Shelter,  the Yorkton Tribal Council’s Safe Haven,  the File Hills Qu’apelle Tribal Council’s Haven Safe Shelter and the Piwapan Women’s Centre, governed by the La Ronge Native Women’s Council. 

    The shelters help women get re-established by offering services such as temporary housing, personalized safety plans, assistance finding new living accommodations, help applying for financial support, referrals to legal and medical services and help finding work.


    About RedMane

    RedMane Technology Canada, a subsidiary of Chicago-based RedMane Technology LLC, provides software solutions and systems integration services that address complex, real-world challenges in social services, including early intervention, child protection, mental health, and juvenile justice. RedMane is a problem-solving company. Technology is just one of its tools.

    mCase is RedMane’s modern, flexible, and powerful platform that easily supports any case management program, including those involving intake, assessment, eligibility, service planning, financial processing, and ongoing service delivery. It works in the office and in the community, even without Internet or cellular connectivity. And with its embedded analytics, organizations have insight to improve outcomes.


    To learn more about RedMane, visit us at: www.redmane.com.